A selection of my work, and internal experiments.


story / fazerock [2012.12.01]

01. into the world of story
02. s✝ory ft. 初音ミク
03. Svveet Vlllage
04. あの星にのせて ft. reddam
05. JuSTf0rY0u
06. of the Past
07. Śerāp_îm (KAN TAKAHIKO remix)
08. JuSTf0rY0u (Leggysalad remix)
09. of the Past (metronicha remix)
10. as so (Pa’s Lam System remix)
11. Svveet Vlllage (Yoshino Yoshikawa remix)
12. あの星にのせて ft. reddam (Go-qualia The Star Child Gazes upon Earth)